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features a seasoned group of Philadelphia-area musicians who have performed since the 70s in local legendary haunts like  The Ripley, Bogeys, Empire Rock Room, Gables & The Chestnut Cabaret  all the way to big stages like The Electric Factory and The Wachovia Center. Band members include PAUL PICCARI, a former founding member of Led Zeppelin tribute Get The Led Out, Hit the Ground Runnin and local acts like Crystal Roxx and Shampoo, MICK BODINE  from The UPSide, NITA SLATER, a former member of critically acclaimed 70's band Crack The Sky as well as the Edgon Heath Band, VINNIE MARTELLO from The Big Jangle(Tom Petty Tribute), The Love Puppies, Hit the Ground Runnin, and 80's legendary local bands Kashmir and Crystal Roxx, and TOM "STEWART" STASZEWSKI from Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'(Journey Tribute), Like Totally 80's, Buddy Cash Band, and son of Tommy Staszewski, the late drummer of local 70's legends The X-Ceptions.

All of these musicians have come together to pay tribute the what many people consider the greatest era of music ever created-THE 70'S.

Rock, Punk, Glam, Prog, Funk, Disco, Soft Rock, New Wave, Heavy Metal .....all of it came into it's own in the decade where everything seemed new, fresh, exciting & fun....with the boundaries being lifted and the rule book being thrown out. You could go to a gig with Van Halen, Montrose, and Journey all ON THE SAME STAGE for about $8. This was the era where legends were made and ALBUMS mattered. If you lived through the era, you remember the rush of excitement you felt going to the LISTENING BOOTH or SOUND ODDYSEY record store and seeing the brand new Led Zeppelin or Who album in the display window..... BEFORE the internet existed and everything had a bit more mystique to it.   BEFORE MTV , when the only time you got to see video of what a band looked like in concert was if you stayed up late to catch Bowie on THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL . The only photos you got to see of the new KISS stage show and costumes was if you got the latest issue of Creem or Circus magazine. Rock N Roll MEANT something to us back then...you had to work for it, you had to search it out, you had to fight for it in school when someone said your favorite band sucked. From groundbreaking TV sitcoms, movies that defined a generation, the cartoons, pop culture, and of course, the MUSIC .....  THE  70'S REWIND brings you back along with us to those great times through musical performances of the classic AM/FM tunes of the era along with a multi-media presentation to maybe spark up a memory of watching Gilligan's Island after school or maybe even getting stoned behind the 7-11 to the new Floyd cassette blasting out of the Chevelle.  Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends.......

Also be sure to check out The Unwound, featuring members of THE  70'S REWIND  playing smaller bars and clubs performing songs from the 60's to the 90's. Check our schedule for dates!



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